Please note that the open calendar dates should be used as a guide only.

You should check with the relevant controlling body (MNSW or MA) to confirm the dates and locations.


To download printable calendar which includes open events and all our track events click here



Pointscore 1 - 31st January

Pointscore 2 - 21st February

Pointscore 3 - 6th March

Pointscore 4 - 3rd April

Pointscore 5 (Dargle) - 7th May

Pointscore 6 (Dargle) - 8th May

Pointscore 7 - 29th May

Proposed Arena X Practice - 4th September

Proposed Arena X Practice - 18th September

Proposed Arena X Practice - 9th October

Proposed Arena X - 23rd October

Proposed Arena X - 6th November

Proposed Arena X - 20th November

Presentation Day - 3rd December

Proposed Arena X - 4th December


Last updated 6/1/2016